Charities & Causes Close to Luisa's Heart...

SickKids Foundation: Healthier Children. A Better World.TM

Fighting for the health and wellbeing of children is one of the most powerful ways to improve society.

Right now, quantum advancements in scientific knowledge and technology – made possible by donors like you – present an unprecedented opportunity for SickKids. To be ready for the next round, we need to update our infrastructure so we can unleash the full potential of our expert team.

We need to expand our reach, to extend our excellent standards of care to more children around the world. We need to elevate our research - it’s our best weapon in the fight against disease and congenital childhood conditions. And we must enrich the compassionate care that fosters the lifelong wellbeing of children and their families.

It’s a massive challenge, but one that has to be met. So we’re actively inspiring communities and individuals to take up the fight by investing in our Hospital, its mission, and the advances your gifts make possible.

Anthony Robbins Foundation: The Secret to Living is Giving

If we all cared about kids, the elderly, the homeless, etc… it will be a better society for all of us and the generations to come. Every year I contribute to the Lemonaid Brigade because I strongly believe in giving back to the community and offering hope to others in need. We are made to give, grow and contribute.

Operation Underground Railroad: Abolishing Human Traffcking

Operation Underground Railroad specializes in empowering law enforcement and aftercare partners around the world with the tools and resources they need to better address trafficking in their communities. One major objective is to assist law enforcement to confront the demand for sex by providing tools, resources, and training to improve law enforcement's ability to identify, investigate, gather incriminating evidence, and prosecute sexual predators.

O.U.R. Aftercare focuses on survivor healing and empowerment programs with a primary focus on eliminating the vulnerabilities that increase the likelihood of being trafficked.

Fraternite Notre Dame: Loving & Helping The Poor

On the West Coast of the United States, Fraternite Notre Dame has been working in San Francisco, California, in the Tenderloin area, since 2008. At the 'Mary of Nazareth' Soup Kitchen, Our Sisters serve a good, hot meal to 300 persons per day, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. "The number of poor people increased at the Soup kitchen, we now feed more than 300 of them every day; we welcome more and more new ones and they are younger and younger."

The Scott Mission: Giving People a Second Chance at Life

The Scott Mission, empowered by God’s grace and provision, welcomes individuals and families to access spiritual, relational and practical resources in a journey towards hope and transformation. Helping out to the communities of Toronto with groceries & clothing, childcare, children's summer camps, safe place to sleep and worship services.

Haven on The Queensway: For many people, hope starts here..

The Haven’s team of dedicated staff, volunteers, and strong support system of advisory members and community businesses all collaborate to fight poverty, hunger, homelessness and hopelessness on the front-lines with solid supporting programs to back up and enhance their initial emergency relief assistance.

The Haven is located in the south Etobicoke community of Toronto. However programs reach into the heart of Toronto and the surrounding GTA. Programs cover from prenatal in our First Care program to seniors through their Helping Hands program, homelessness through Hope with Wheels program and new immigrants through Lakeside Dinner and referral services. Anyone who is in a crisis situation is welcome to receive help.

In 2014, the Haven helped over 4,000 children alone through our Food Bank and Clothing Boutique.

Haven on The Queensway: For many people, hope starts here..

Fundraiser supporting Fighting Blindness, the leading private supporter of vision research in Canada having funded over $32 million of ground-breaking vision research at hospitals and universities nation-wide. The Foundation represents a diverse community of Canadians affected by retinal diseases. There are 5.5 million people facing or living with vision loss in Canada (that’s more than the number of Canadians with breast cancer, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s combined) and the prevalence is expected to increase 30% in the next 10 years.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation: Conquering Cancer in Our Lifetime

In January 2017, the foundation successfully achieved our Billion Dollar Challenge, a historic five-year campaign securing more than $1 billion, in partnership with Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, for personalized cancer medicine. With the generosity of our community of supporters, we are now in the early days of delivering on our promise of Personalized Cancer Medicine.

Best Buddies: Helping People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Best Buddies was founded in the United States by Anthony Kennedy Shriver, nephew of the late 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. There are Best Buddies international chapters operating in 50 different countries including: Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Equador, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Phillipines, Scotland, Spain & Sweden.

Best Buddies Canada was established in 1993 by Daniel Greenglass and Penny Shore. Our school programs help to create durable friendships between people with and without an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD). The ultimate goal is to make every school and community across Canada more inclusive and accepting of people with an IDD. Best Buddies serves includes, but is not limited to, people with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and more.

Covenant House: Serve the Suffering Children and Youth on the Street

As Canada’s largest agency serving at-risk, homeless and trafficked youth, Covenant House Toronto changes lives by providing the widest range of services and support to as many as 250 youth a day. A national leader, we educate and advocate for change by influencing public policy and delivering prevention and awareness programs.

More than a place to stay, we provide 24/7 crisis shelter and transitional housing on-site and in the community, along with comprehensive services, including education, counselling, health care, employment assistance, job training and aftercare.

To do all this, we rely on donors for more than 80 percent of our $27-million annual operating budget.

Our doors are open to youth 16 to 24 regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or the circumstances that have brought them to our doors.

Since 1982, Covenant House has served almost 95,000 young people and helped them move from a life on the street to a life with a future.